Comedy Bang Bang TV Host Introduction Supers

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.19.18 PMAt the start of the Comedy Bang Bang TV Show, when Scott Aukerman introduces himself, a silly name is usually superimposed over him.

This is a complete list of the fake names given to Scott Aukerman at the start of the Comedy Bang Bang TV Show.

S1:E1 Stop Tacoman
S1:E2 Shop Talkerman
S1:E3 Hot Soccermom
S1:E4 Flop Chonkenton
S1:E5 Posh Nachoman
S1:E6 Verbal “Yes, my name does rhyme with Snot Bocherman”
S1:E7 Shock Jockerman
S1:E8 Yacht Rockerman
S1:E9 Hot Saucerman
S1:E10 Stop Clockerman
S2:E1 Second Seasonman
S2:E2 Flip Flopperman
S2:E3 Blog Gawkerman
S2:E4 Lights Downerman
S2:E5 Cop Swapperman
S2:E6 Flash Backerman
S2:E7 Font Jokerman
S2:E8 Crop Circleman
S2:E9 Stock Photoman
S2:E10 Off Broadwayman
S2:E11 Temp Namerman
S2:E12 Bram Stokerman
S2:E13 Scott Arm-man
S2:E14 Hurt Lockerman
S2:E15 Strike Outerman
S2:E16 Sliding Doorman
S2:E17 Spock Trekkiefan
S2:E18 Pop Fatherman
S2:E19 [NONE]
S2:E20 Bing Crosbyman
S3:E1 Meet Thefockerman
S3:E2 Scarf Knitterman
S3:E3 Khaki Dockerman
S3:E4 Avoid Noiderman
S3:E5 Scott Aukerman
S3:E6 After Shockerman
S3:E7 Joe Cockerman
S3:E8 Not Letterman
S3:E9 Homeofthe Whopperman
S3:E10 [NONE]
S3:E11 F. Scott Fitzaukerman
S3:E12 Dead Walkerman
S3:E13 Wayne Campbell
S3:E14 Binge Watcherman
S3:E15 Great Fostermom
S3:E16 Got Tryptophan?
S3:E17 Biological Clockerman
S3:E18 Writer’s Blockerman
S3:E19 Doc Clockerman
S3:E20 Yule Loggerman
S4:E1 Sky Walkerman
S4:E2 Scout’s Honorman
S4:E3 Stop Gapperman
S4:E4 Slapshot Puckerman
S4:E5 Ed Hardyman
S4:E6 Heart Breakerman
S4:E7 Sony Walkman
S4:E8 Stale Raisinbran
S4:E9 Mauve Sweaterman
S4:E10 [Letters of Scott Aukerman float at random]
S4:E11 Two Andahalfmen
S4:E12 Koosh Rubberstrand
S4:E13 Flat Circleman
S4:E14 Hans Zimmerman
S4:E15 Ridley Scott’s Alien
S4:E16 Spam Blockerman
S4:E17 Bad Farmerstan
S4:E18 M. Scott Shyamalan
S4:E19 Groot Rocketman
S4:E20 Dodge Caravan
S4:E21 Settler of Catan
S4:E22 See Kazakhstan (Paid for by the Tourism Board of Kazakhstan)
S4:E23 Top Secret Plan
S4:E24 TaB Sodacan
S4:E25 The Brothers Solomon
S4:E26 Shot Unbrokenman
S4:E27 Quote Anchorman
S4:E28 Prop Comedian
S4:E29 Y tu Mamá También
S4:E30 [None]
S4:E31 Sprint® Family Plan
S4:E22 Not Mikita, Stan
S4:E33 Shock and Aukerman
S4:E34 Dr. Frank-N-Furter
S4:E35 Steve Miller Band
S4:E36 Sag Aftraman
S4:E37 Scott Aukerman (Upside down)
S4:E38 Scotch Taperman
S4:E39 Scott Aukerman
S4:E40 Stock Ingstufferman
S5:E1 Dick Hallorann (Scatman Crothers’ character in The Shining, 1980)
S5:E2 Steel Pizzapan
S5:E3 Poe Dameron
S5:E4 Stewart Jimmyman
S5:E5 Hey Rastaman
S5:E6 Auker, Man of Scots
S5:E7 Repair Man Man Man
S5:E8 That’s So Raven
S5:E9 Schick® Razorbrand
S5:E10 Aukternal Sunshine of the Scottless Mind
S5:E11 Stan Lieberman
S5:E12 Says Alrighty Then
S5:E13 Hey Nongman (Jason Mantzoukas)
S5:E14 Mom’s Rockin’ Cans
S5:E15 Lord Saruman
S5:E16 Lawnmower Man / Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace
S5:E17 [None]
S5:E18 Scott Pilgriman
S5:E19 Biff Tannenman
S5:E20 Show’s Over, Man

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