How Far (and Fast) Did the Shark Swim in Jaws: The Revenge?

Jaws 4 opens in Amity, where the shark attacks Sean Brody. Following his death, Ellen decides to travel to The Bahamas with her other son, Mike. Amazingly, the very same shark shows up in the islands.

The timeline isn’t totally defined, but it seems to be just a few days between Sean’s attack and the shark reappearing in The Bahamas.

Amity isn’t a real place. The actual filming location is Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. So we’ll use that as our starting point. The swim to The Bahamas in a straight line is 1,195 miles.

How Far (and Fast) Did the Shark Swim in Jaws: The Revenge? 1,195 miles in a few days.

The maximum speed of a great white shark is approximately 25 mph. So it should take Jaws at least 48 days to make the trip, swimming top speed around the clock.

So, how did this all happen? The reality is the film makers just wanted to shoot in The Bahamas. Why they chose to set any of the film in Amity? Well, we can’t understand that.

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