The Hilarious Angel Falls Dive in Point Break (2015)

We watched that stupid Point Break remake. How bad could it be? Bad. There’s loads of nonsense in this film. But, there was one big thing that stuck out to us as improbable, impossible, ridiculous. So very dumb, that we went to do research about World Record high dives and the world’s tallest water fall. And, here’s the scoop:

The Angel Falls jump is total bullshit!

Angel Falls main plunge is more than 15 times taller than the high dive world record. With a height of almost 1,000 meters (3,212 feet) Angel Falls is the tallest water fall on Earth. Its main plunge (the bit you would cover before striking the mountain side) is 2,648 feet. Meanwhile, the World Record for High Dive is 172 feet.

The World Record for High Dive is a little contentious, because some people were hurt and others wore protective gear. The 172 foot record was just for unaided, uninjured divers. A run down of the current records is available on Wikipedia.

Point Break chart Angel Falls and World Record High Dive

For just a little perspective, a dude tried to dive from 177 feet and broke his damn back. And yet this movie has two guys, not even divers, fall more than than 2,600 feet onto rocks, and swim away with a few little scrapes.

Bonus. Here’s Dana Kunze setting the record!

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