Westworld – The Player Piano Metaphor

The new HBO series Westworld is off to an incredible start. Awesome cast. Beautiful imagery. And some pretty sweet metaphors. The one that caught our eye is the player piano.

In the opening titles, we see the artificial hands dancing over the keys of the piano. The fingers lift away, and yet the keys continue to move. The piano plays itself, the notes driven by the holes in the music roll.

Much like the predetermined events of a host’s day, the notes of Black Hole Sun are scripted in advance. But when your hands are moving over they keys, hitting every note as expected, no one can be sure whether you are playing or if the piano is playing itself. It’s only when you remove your hands, when you improvise and go off script, that you can explore whether your reality is one of predetermination or of free will.

Westworld Player Piano Gif

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