A mighty list of original genres from the fine folks at Critical Oversight. In our lengthy experience as movie viewers we have discovered many new genres, pushing the limits of what Blockbuster might consider an adequate end-of-aisle display.

Our collection of genres redefines movie viewing, by offering you the ability to focus your movie watching experience to your favorite plot constructs and character architectures. Take a gander at these exciting, sometimes newly discovered movie genres!

Amnesia Films

A little bump on the noggin’ and next thing you know, you’ve got a feature film on your hands. These films use a medical condition to build a whole plot around. The only mental problem that makes for a better plot is multiple personality disorder.

80s Films

Surprisingly, 80s Films are still being produced to this very day. Usually, these predictable films feature high schoolers, a love story, and class warfare between the cools, the dorks, the nerds and the dweebs. Is it always about youngsters? Pretty much, but the appeal is always wider than the 12-19 bracket that true “teen movies” target.


Oh goodness, the adrenaline, the excitement and the fervor of planning and executing a major heist; what could possibly make for a more exciting

Zombie Attack

Supernatural Learning Experience

Fish Out of Water


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