Improbable Adventure

Separated from the standard “action adventure” by your need to suspend disbelief to enhance enjoyment, the Improbable Adventure has a “whoa, how’s he going to get out of this one” at least every five minutes. Here are a few, non-Bond* films to exhibit this entertaining plot rollercoaster.


You know, this seemed like an improbable adventure, until we read about Oak Island. Now it seems like an elaborately guarded treasure trove could be just around the corner. Assuming the corner is near the seven seas we’ve been hearing so much about.

National Treasure

This movie requires so much suspension of disbelief that there should be a disclaimer, not just at the beginning, but every five minutes throughout the film. The acting is excellent, in spite of the ridiculous script. We imagine the outtakes reel is a spectacular laugh riot. The plot… well, it’s The DaVinci Code set in America with Ben Franklin as Leo and a pile of treasure as the Grail. Begin car chase now; watch for falling plot twists.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

What could be better than a Nick Cage film? Well, how about a sequel to a Nick Cage film? For the first time ever, Nick reprises a role. And somehow they talked Helen Mirren into joining them on the romp.

The Da Vinci Code

See Nat’l Treasure above. Also, briefly skim bible. Try not to take it too seriously, especially if you belong to a religion.

Jumaniji / Zathura

We’ll list these two together because they’re the same movie. And, both based on books by Chris Van Allsburg. Nice originality Chris. We guess he sat down to write the first book and couldn’t decide between the jungle and space as an interceding setting. So, you made money once, just do it again. Sounds good to us!


Like Indiana Jones, Clive Cussler’s Dirk finds himself constantly running from large rolling boulders and confronted by massive groups of militant locals. On top of all that the film comes together in a tremendous coincidence, the kind of, “wow it’s a small world ain’t it” climax that leaves you wondering just how tiny that Sahara desert is anyway (3.5 million square miles, actually). For improbably adventures, this is an action packed, laugh a minute romp with all the character archetypes covered. The only change we would make would be some kind of animal battle sequence, can you imagine McConaughey fighting a lion? Good times.

*All James Bond films are exempt from this category. Everyone knows Bond can escape any situation, no matter how tight, so there’s no need to suspend disbelief when 007 is on the screen.

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