Tron: Another Stupid DVD Menu

Maybe I’ll start a series of these. It seems that a lot of folks want to provide us with cryptic DVD menus in an attempt to theme the experience.

Here’s the main menu on the classic film Tron.

Tron DVD Menu

When you’re done laughing, read on.

Okay, so, “Run Program”, as you may have guessed, is the play button. And of course, “Sector Access” is obviously scene selection (almost makes you wish they’d done a parenthetical). But “Alternate Programs?” What on earth could that be?

My guesses were deleted scenes and alternate endings. I was wrong. Here’s what you get on the click:

Tron DVD Alternate Programs menu

So, bullshit previews for other Disney properties. As if an interest in Tron would indicate an interest in Return to Neverland.

Got a suggestion for a bullshit DVD menu? Send it in.

Night at the Museum: One Stupid DVD Menu

Night at the Museum is a fun movie. Great for kids and adults alike, it’s a joyous romp around one of New York’s most beloved landmarks. We liked this movie a lot, and so did the viewing public. This movie made a buttload of money. This raises a question:

What’s up with the stupid DVD menu?

They made an attempt to make the DVD menu seem like you were visiting the museum. We uh… well, let’s just look at it.

Night at the Museum

The problem here is that the titles they gave the buttons were a little too out there to make sense on their own. It would take a lot of imagination to know that “Choose an exhibit” meant “Scene selection,” so they had to actually put it below in parenthesis.

It gets a little weirder, for some reason, “Choose a language” needed an explanation. Why? We don’t know. And then the worst one is “Learn more.” Seriously? Why not “Special exhibits” or something? Dream big with your DVD menu metaphors!

Experience it for yourself…