Olay Brings Resident Evil’s T-Virus to Market

I don’t need to say too much, the world can draw it’s own conclusions about the Umbrella Corpor… er, I mean, Olay’s intentions with their product design.

Resident Evil’s T-Virus

In the film Resident Evil, the biochemical weapon the T-Virus is used to create a cosmetics product marketed as Regenerate. Regenerate brings dead cells back to life. There is one unfortunate side-effect: it kills you and turns you into a flesh-eating, zombie carrier of the virus.

It comes in a vial that looks like this:

Olay’s Definity Eye Illuminator

In the real world, beginning July of 2007, Olay is selling a cream that “penetrates multiple surface layers and helps restore a look that’s highly defined.” Its dual-action formula “smooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles with a spiral of concentrated serum.”

It comes in an applicator that looks like this:

Olay Definity


Did these people at Olay even see Resident Evil? Okay, maybe they haven’t seen it. I mean, they do work in the cosmetics industry and it’s not exactly high-brow entertainment. But I know they must have contracted the service of an ad agency, and those people will watch anything!